Create A Perfect Blowout For Any Hairstyle – Redken

Watch this DIY instructional video to learn how to create a perfect at-home blowout. Discover the best tips, tricks and advice on how to make a simple, chic and stylish hairstyle.

A great blowout gives hair high-shine, nourishment and a long-lasting foundation for any hairstyle. To create the perfect blowout, you’re going to need the right Redken haircare and hair styling products and everyday hair tools, including a blow-dryer, clips, a comb, a nylon brush and a round brush. You’ll need Diamond Oil Shampoo & Conditioner that work for most hair types, Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine leave-in hair oil treatment, Guts 10 root volumizing spray foam, and Fashion Work 12 Hairspray to finish the look.

The step-by-step, professional video tutorial will guide you through the entire process, from prepping the hair to the best drying & styling practices.

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